About the exhibition

Orchids are the second most species-rich plant family in the world, with over 30 000 known species. They have a cosmopolitan distribution.

In the exhibition "Trick or truth! Wild orchids in Luxembourg", the natur musée showcases its collection of lifelike replicas of the 45 native orchid species and gives an overview of the fascinating diversity of this plant family in Luxembourg.

Like all orchids, the wild orchids growing in Luxembourg are true masters at attracting pollinators under false pretenses - tricking them - to transport their pollen packages to the next flower. If they do offer nectar, it is so well hidden that insects will not leave the flower without a pollen load. Other species offer no nectar at all to insects, and are look-alikes of nectar flowers of different species. Some also lure the insects into a trap or even pretend to be a sexual partner.