Thank you

The exhibition "Trick or truth! Wild orchids in Luxembourg" would not have been made possible without the support of many people. First of all, the many different departments of the National Museum of Natural History - natur musée -  should be mentioned here, whose cooperation was indispensable for the creation of the exhibition. In particular, the staff of the museographic department, the educational department, the technical service, the digital information service, the botanical and zoological departments, as well as freelance scientific collaborators who have contributed their enthusiasm, diligence and expertise over the past few months to help create this exhibition.

Special thanks go to Sebastian Brandt ( as well as to the colleagues of the Natural History Museum in Erfurt, who provided us in advance with all the materials from their exhibition "Juwelen der Natur - Orchideen in Thüringen" and allowed us to adapt and redesign them for Luxembourg.

Many thanks to the numerous photographers who provided us with their pictures so that we could display the beauty of the native orchids in such a magnificent way: Sebastian Brandt, Guy Conrady, Nathalie Grotz, Jan Herr, Wolfgang Hock, Alain Hoffmann, Karel Kreutz, Yves Krippel, Max Lauff, Fernand Lommer, Marianne Majerus, Jean-Marie Mangen, Jim Meisch, Georges Moes, Mikka Mootz, Ronny Mozek, Simone Schneider, Eric Threinen, Jean-Paul Wolff, Peter Zschunke.

Many thanks to Georges Moes and the foundation natur&ëmwelt for their important contribution to the protection and conservation of orchids.

Last but not least, a big thank you to the museum attendants, guides and cleaning staff who make your visit to the exhibition a pleasant one.