Flowering period
June - July
Threat status ?
Dry meadow
Scientific name
Epipactis atrorubens

dark-red helleborine, royal helleborine

LB: Donkelrout Harespelorchidee FR: épipactis pourpre noirâtre, épipactis brun rouge DE: Braunrote Stendelwurz

The dark-red helleborine attracts pollinators with its vanilla-scented flowers. It lives in sparse forests with calcareous soil and on piled up rocky material poor in nutrients, such as road embankments. In Luxembourg, the dark-red helleborine is found in the Gutland, especially in the former open-cast mining areas of the south.
Observations on GBIF.org: green-blue: before 2005, yellow-orange: after 2005, darker colour indicates more observations.