Flowering period
May - June
Threat status ?
Critically endangered
Dry meadow
Scientific name
Anacamptis morio

green-winged orchid

LB: Boken-Hondswuerzel FR: orchis bouffon DE: Kleiner Narr, Kleines Knabenkraut

The green-winged orchid is also called 'Little Fool' in German because of its colorful purple-green flower helmet. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the green-winged orchid was common on meager semi-arid grasslands in Luxembourg. However, due to the increased fertilisation of the formerly barren soils and the disappearance of traditional sheep grazing, the species is now locally threatened with extinction.
Observations on GBIF.org: green-blue: before 2005, yellow-orange: after 2005, darker colour indicates more observations.