Flowering period
May - June
Threat status ?
Least concern
Dry meadow
Scientific name
Orchis mascula

Orchis mascula

LB: Maans-Bouwekraut FR: orchis mâle DE: Stattliches Knabenkraut, Männliches Knabenkraut

The nectar decoying flowers of the early-purple orchid do not produce nectar, but mimic in colour and shape the flowers of other nectar plants blooming at the same time, in order to be attractive to pollinating insects. This is a widespread and highly successful pollination strategy of orchids. The early-purple orchid grows in rough pastures and forest edges and is quite common throughout the country.
Observations on GBIF.org: green-blue: before 2005, yellow-orange: after 2005, darker colour indicates more observations.