Flowering period
May - July
Threat status ?
Least concern
Scientific name
Neottia ovata

common twayblade

LB: Grousst Zweeblat FR: grande listère DE: Großes Zweiblatt

The common twayblade is easily recognized by its two large, almost opposite leaves. A strip along the lip of the inconspicuous flowers secretes copious nectar, attracting insects. A drop of glue oozes from the pollen packets at the slightest touch, solidifying in seconds and sticking the pollen load to the insect's head. The common twayblade, which is very common in the Gutland, grows in moist forests and on calcareous lawns.
Observations on GBIF.org: green-blue: before 2005, yellow-orange: after 2005, darker colour indicates more observations.