Flowering period
May - June
Threat status ?
Scientific name
Cypripedium calceolus

yellow lady's slipper orchid

LB: Giel Venusschlapp FR: sabot-de-Vénus DE: Frauenschuh

The bright yellow, cup-shaped lip of the yellow lady's slipper orchid attracts insects that cannot find a grip on the smooth walls and slip into a trap. The only way to freedom is through a narrow tube, past the stamens and stigma, pollinating the flower. The yellow lady's slipper grows in sparse deciduous and mixed coniferous forests on nutrient-poor limestone soils. In Luxembourg, it grew in forests around Grevenmacher, but has not been observed since 1957.
Observations on GBIF.org: green-blue: before 2005, yellow-orange: after 2005, darker colour indicates more observations.